For the 1st time in history the combined European Benelli clubs will organise the World Benelli Weekend on the 3rd and 4th of August. The place of this international event will be Rehburg – Loccum in the North West of Germany. The International Benelli Clubs want to invite all Benelli enthousiasts to gather for this event and enjoy the program which will be unique in its kind. For one weekend the city of Rehburg – Loccum will be transferred into Benelli city as we will be invited to the Benelli museum of Wilfried Blothe owning one of the largest Benelli collections in the world. Alongside the Benelli Museum the large 17th century Schäferhaus will be transferred into a „Benelli home” exposing Benelli motorcycles specially brought togehter for this event.

To offer visitors to enjoy the complete weekend a camping place alongside the Schäferhaus is open from Friday 2nd of August till Monday 5th of August. For those who prefer a more luxury overnight stay, Rehburg – Loccum offers various Hotels and B&Bs. The organisers are glad to help you with bookings.

The Program;

Friday 2nd of August

Arrival of Benelli enthousiasts at WBW Camping *1

Saturday 3rd of August

Arrival of Benelli enthousiasts at WBW Camping

Opening of Benelli Museum and Schäferhaus

Test rides on Benelli triples, BN600 and mono’s

Benelli Clubstands – documentation – books – merchandise

Exhibition of Maserati motorcycles

Exhibition of Benelli Sei racers and one offs

Exhibition of Benelli photo’s and Benelli movies

Photoshoot of largest Benelli Sei collection in the world

Scenic Tour to Steinhuder Meer

Offering of Benelli parts at special prices

Arrival and welcome of RAID participants

Evening BBQ followed by Live music


Sunday 4th of August

The Exhibitions in the Benelli Museum and the Schäferhaus will be open all day to the public, you always wanted to see the Demharter Sei, the 1970s Savemo versions, plus a line up of all ever produced Six cilinder versions from the 1st 750 to the latest 900, this is the place to be.

No only historic, alongside the new Triples and BN600 there will be special versions of the Tornado and TnT exposed.

For those who want to ride their bikes there will be a guided tour to the Steinhuder Meer with a boattrip to the Castle in the middle of the lake. A visit to the lake side Eelsmokery including tasting can be enjoyed prior to a scenic return trip to Rehburg.

The passionates of Technics are invited for a tour to nearby Wunstdorf to visit the Juncker Aircraft Museum.

Further during the day we will have:

Attendance of international Benelli VIPs

Benelli photo gallery and Benelli movies

Benelli WBW gift

Evening dinner for registered guests *1

*1 For organisational reasons we would like to know how many people plan to stay at the Camping and who wants to join the Sunday evening dinner.

May we ask you to register at:



Bron: Benelli club NL